Michael Kalil is trusted by many community leaders, including these responsible professionals who are among those serving on his finance committee or endorsing his candidacy:

Fraz Ahmed, Esq
Richard Alexander, Esq
Abe Bateh, Esq
George Bateh, Esq
Tom Bishop, Esq
Karen Bowling
Homer Bliss, Esq
Rick Block, Esq
Howard Coker, Esq
Steve Combs. Esq
Tracy Considine, Esq
Braxton Gillam, Esq
Tad Delegal, Esq
Patty Dodson, Esq
Jesse Dreicer, Esq
Brian Dunmire, Esq
Tad Griffin, Esq
Tom Edwards, Esq
Eddie Farah, Esq
Chuck Farah, Esq
Marty Fiorentino, Esq
Craig Gibbs, Esq
Deborah Greene, Esq
Deno Hicks
Dan Iracki, Esq
Brian Kelly, Esq
Patrick Kilbane, Esq
Philip Kinney, Esq
John Mills, Esq
Joe Mobley
John Morgan, Esq
James Poindexter, Esq
Curry Pajcic, Esq
George Salameh
Chris Searcy, Esq
Toney Sleiman
Hunter Sleiman
Ashleigh Sleiman
Ginger Soud
David Thompson, Esq
Lauren Todd, Esq
Lindsay Tygart, Esq
Deena Bateh Wallace, Esq
John Wallace, Esq
Josh Whitman, Esq
Dr. Wayne Wood

Kalil was a mayoral appointee, confirmed by the Jacksonville City Council, to the Civil Service Board, a quasi-judicial review board, and was elected vice-chairman of the board in 2018

with a range of experience in public service and private practice, Kalil will bring competence to the circuit court. 
–– Sheriff Mike Williams

…he will apply the law as written, while treating every person in the courtroom with courtesy and respect. 
–– Senator Rob Bradley

“Michael Kalil will uphold the Constitution and not legislate from the bench.”
–– Circuit Court Clerk Ronnie Fussell

Latest Endorsements

Mayor John Delaney
Mayor Jake Godbold
Rep. Travis Cummings
Inspector A.L. Kelly
Bishop Lorenzo Hall
Carla L. Page


★ Private Practice:
Civil Trial Attorney

★ Public Service:
Assistant Public Defender

★ Duval County Civil Service Board
Appointed 2017, elected vice chair 2018

★ Stetson University College of Law:
Trial Advocacy Program
William F. Blews Pro Bono Service Award
Certificate in Leadership Development

★ University of North Florida:
Chief Justice of the University

★ Wolfson High School:
National Honors Society

Past & Present Affiliations

★ Florida Bar
★ Leadership Florida
★ World Affairs Council
★ Florida Justice Association
★ Jacksonville Bar Association
★ D. W Perkins Bar Association

★ American Association for Justice
★ Federal Bar, Middle District of Florida
★ National Trial Lawyer Top 40 under 40
★ Ramallah American Club of Jacksonville
FL Justice Associations YL Board Chairman’s Award